Hello everyone! So today I want to talk about the animals that I met while I was on business, to give you a heartwarming feeling.

The first animal is the “Nara Park Deer”. They are very famous, aren’t they? Once upon a time, one of these deer were treated as a sacred animal that the God rode upon. These deer are treasured as they were passed down by God. That’s why there are many deer in the park.

I have been there many times, and every time I go, I step on deer poo, or as I call them, “bombs”. There are many deer in Miyajima, Hiroshima too. But Nara Park’s deer have an interesting characteristic. They bow to us when we hold food up high for them. But If you do it many times without giving them the food, they will headbutt you. You have to be careful. (I have been headbutted before.)


The second animal is cats, which are called the “real manekineko”, on an island near Karatsu-city, Saga. For those in the know, this place is famous for the lottery winning god there. We can go there only by ship which gives it a more sacred feel. Why did my customers want to go there so much? Why did I get chosen to take them? I still have no idea, but I wanted to get rich. ( ´∀` ) I thought I would take the opportunity, even on business, to pray to the lottery god myself. This island is really small. You can go around the whole island in about 20 minutes if you focus on the main parts.

After I finished showing my customers around, I went to see the famous manekineko cats in the souvenior shop. Their names are “Fuku-chan(福ちゃん)” and ”Kane-chan(金ちゃん)”. In the shops, we can buy a small drawstring bag containing a lottery ticket. When we buy a bag, which has the cats drawn on it, the shop owner holds the bag up to the cats, the cats stand up to grab the bag! These are the same paws whose prayer gave luck to the lottery winners. Lastly, the shop owner rubs the bag on the cats’ bodies. 🙂 I bought a lottery ticket full of expectation, but I couldn’t win even 1 yen. We shouldn’t make profit by exploting others. (;^_^A


The third animal is the “Giant Rabbit” that I saw in a zoo. When I found it, I thought it was a cat because it was the same size as a cat. But actually, there are rabbits the size of pigs! I took a picture to see how big the rabbit was compared to me, but my face was as giant as the rabbit, so it didn’t work. But normal rabbits are supposed to be smaller. 


The last animal is “The Rats”. Unfortunately, I forget the name of rat species, but they have an interesting characteristic. When I put in my hands in the box of rats, they climbed my arms. They were the same size as hamsters, so I felt like I was holding many hamsters in my hands. They didn’t bite me; they just moved around my arms and hands. They were so cute! If you know the name of those rats, please tell me!


All the animals are so cute, aren’t they? I found out about them because I was a tour guide, so I could get the chance to experience many new things.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again at the cafe.



皆さんこんにちは!(^▽^)/ さて今回は皆様にほっこりしてもらうため、添乗先で出会った「動物」たちを紹介したいと思います(*^▽^*)

まずは1匹目。「奈良公園の鹿」です!とても有名ですよね(^▽^)/ その昔、神様が乗って地上にいらした動物として「鹿」は神聖な動物として扱われていました。その名残として今でも、奈良公園には多くの鹿がいます。



では、2匹目。こちらは佐賀県唐津市の少し離島にある「宝当神社」の「リアル招き猫」ちゃんです。こちらは知る人ぞ知る、宝くじ祈願の場所です。船でしか行けないというところもまた神聖な感じがしますね。なぜ、添乗先でここなのか、なぜ私だったのか、今だ謎ですが、私も一獲千金を狙う金の亡者です( ´∀` ) 添乗でもあやかる気満々でした。さて、この島は要所だけをまわれば、20分くらいで行けるほど小さな島です。