【元添乗員ふきこのブログ】~25 year old’s Christmas~ 25歳のクリスマス~

Hello,everyone! How have you been recently?  It is getting biting cold, and Christmas is coming which makes those of us without a significant other even colder inside. Christmas songs are playing everywhere, which marks the beginning of the season. 

When I was a tour conductor, can you guess how I spent my Christmas? I was in ‘Tokyo Disney land’,of course on business. The job description was to patrol inside the park and keep an eye on the tour groups. Everyone told me ‘ You are so lucky! You get to go to Disney land for free!’, but I was tired of it.

Also, everyone was wearing Mickey mouse ears, or another character’s costume,but I was dressed in a black suit holding a briefcase, so I stood out and looked strange. Sometimes, I felt disappointed when I met the characters and they bowed to me instead of waving in character like normal. For me, I was in the dream world but unaffected by the magic. I much prefered looking for good looking Disney princes.

When speaking of Christmas, it often reminds one of “Christmas Presents”, or the time that children have been looking forward to all year. I wonder what has changed between modern and old gifts?

When I was a child, toys were popular and children wanted electronic games like “the first Tamagocchi” and “Game boy” and also collecting “Bayblade” and rare “Pokemon medals”.

These toys are being developed still and new versions are being created. This Japanese innovation is even recognized by overseas companies.

For example, girl’s dolls who can understand your emotion by the tones of your voice and also reply, or toys that can make actual sweets without the use of heat, and robotic dogs who have a receptacle for your phone where its head is supposed to be and the dog’s movements as well as facial expressions are controlled by your phone.

Those are high-technology and interesting products, but I personally think children should play outside with their friends.

After Christmas, you will probably be busy because of New Year’s cleaning. But please drop by our cafe for a break. Also, please come to talk to Fukiko for advice about your Disney land and USJ trip.

It is a little bit early to say but, Merry Christmas and Happy new year!











それでは、一足早いですが、Merry Christmas and Happy new year!