【元添乗員ふきこのブログ】~25 year old’s Christmas~ 25歳のクリスマス~

Hello,everyone! How have you been recently?  It is getting biting cold, and Christmas is coming which makes those of us without a significant other even colder inside. Christmas songs are playing everywhere, which marks the beginning of the season. 

When I was a tour conductor, can you guess how I spent my Christmas? I was in ‘Tokyo Disney land’,of course on business. The job description was to patrol inside the park and keep an eye on the tour groups. Everyone told me ‘ You are so lucky! You get to go to Disney land for free!’, but I was tired of it.

Also, everyone was wearing Mickey mouse ears, or another character’s costume,but I was dressed in a black suit holding a briefcase, so I stood out and looked strange. Sometimes, I felt disappointed when I met the characters and they bowed to me instead of waving in character like normal. For me, I was in the dream world but unaffected by the magic. I much prefered looking for good looking Disney princes.

When speaking of Christmas, it often reminds one of “Christmas Presents”, or the time that children have been looking forward to all year. I wonder what has changed between modern and old gifts?

When I was a child, toys were popular and children wanted electronic games like “the first Tamagocchi” and “Game boy” and also collecting “Bayblade” and rare “Pokemon medals”.

These toys are being developed still and new versions are being created. This Japanese innovation is even recognized by overseas companies.

For example, girl’s dolls who can understand your emotion by the tones of your voice and also reply, or toys that can make actual sweets without the use of heat, and robotic dogs who have a receptacle for your phone where its head is supposed to be and the dog’s movements as well as facial expressions are controlled by your phone.

Those are high-technology and interesting products, but I personally think children should play outside with their friends.

After Christmas, you will probably be busy because of New Year’s cleaning. But please drop by our cafe for a break. Also, please come to talk to Fukiko for advice about your Disney land and USJ trip.

It is a little bit early to say but, Merry Christmas and Happy new year!











それでは、一足早いですが、Merry Christmas and Happy new year!







【元添乗員ふきこのブログ】Take me skiing ~私をスキーに連れてって~

Hello everyone! Recently, it’s getting colder and colder, and winter is coming. What do you usually do ㏌ winter?

In my case, it’s skiing. I’ve been to Nigata, Nagoya, and even Hokkaido with many students on business. My chiefs and senior tour guides said to me that I should be able to ski so I took lessons, but I don’t have any talent for skiing. 🙁 So, I couldn’t master it.

Unfortunately, I used to be a ‘benchwarmer’ at the cottage. However everytime I listened to “I want to fall in love with someone and have passion that can melt gelaende” (ゲレンデが溶けるほど恋がしたい)by Komi Hirose, I was excited, and it made me feel like skiing.

Basically, when we were skiing, we reserved all or almost all of the gelaende. Most of the students had never been skiing before, so the children tottered behind the instructor in a single-file-line just like ducklings following their mother. It was so cute!

So, what did I do at the cottage? Basically we took care of students who were injured and brought them to the hospital. I was asked by my boss, “your age is close to the students, so you will be able to take care of them right?” So, one of my jobs was to take care of and play in the snow with the injured students. We went sledding, had snowball fights and made kamakura (Japanese igloos). Even though they couldn’t ski, I wanted to make some fun memories with them, and it made me feel like a kid again. In the end, I perfected my Japanese igloo-building skills. I can read the quality of the snow, the temperature, and the angle of the walls. Making Japanese igloos has now become one of my special skills.

One of the hard parts of the job was taking students to the hospital from the cottage. Fortunately, there were no major emergencies, as the nearest hospital was more than one hour away. Going to the hospital was very stressful, so on the way back everyone was very tired and fell asleep. Even though I was supposed to take care of the students, I couldn’t help but doze off too!

Even now, this time of the year makes me want to go skiing. Maybe I’ll try snowboarding. What is interesting is that every country has different winter traditions, activities, and conditions. Come to our cafe and talk about winter experiencies with facilitators!












Hello, everyone! It has been a long time. How have you been? I am so glad I got so much good feedback from everyone. Seeing and talking to everyone is one of my favorite things about working here.

By the way, recently it is getting a little colder and, with the cold, comes “Halloween”. Nowadays, Japanese Halloween is becoming well known around the world. In some amusement parks in Japan, “Halloween” season starts as soon as summer is over, and continues past October. I always think “oh my god why?” 🙁 Recently, the policemen called “DJ police” in Shibuya have become famous too. Do you know about the “DJ police”? You should search them on google!

So, why has “Halloween” become a famous event in Japan? There are many reasons, but the biggest reason, in my opinion, is because of “Tokyo Disney land”. They used to have a parade on the 31st of Octorber but now they celebrate for 2 months. When I was a tour conductor, I went to “Universal  Studios Japan” many times in this season. It was fun seeing people who dressed up as “Wally” (from “Where is Wally?” or in America “Where is Waldo”), Minions, and characters from “One Piece”.

I remembered that overseas many children dressed up like a witch, or another character, and say “Trick or treat?” to get some candies or snacks. But in Japan, rather than children, the adults dress up and wander streets in the city.

Last year, I was in Canervon in Australia. They sold some Hallloween snacks and goods around the Halloween season like in Japan, and they went to a tavern at night to have fun, dress up and drink. It looked like Japan.

Well, how about America? I asked Travis who is from America, and he said that there were kinds of 2 halloween styles in America. One of them is when children dress up and wander house to house to get snacks. On the other hand, young (or even older) adults dress up in costumes, usually sexy, and go to parties.

Our cafe is open on “Halloween” day. Perhaps you want to come and talk about Halloween. See you soon at the cafe!





ところで、私の記憶のハロウィンは海外で小さい子供たちが魔女などの格好をして「Trick or Treat!」と言ってお菓子をもらい歩く、そんなイメージでした。しかし、日本では子供がお菓子をもらい歩くというより、大人たちが仮装をして街中を歩きまわっています。



また、当カフェはハロウィンの日もオープンしておりますので、直接カフェにて世界のハロウィン事情を英語で学んでみるのも楽しそうですね♪ それでは、またカフェにてお待ちしております!


Hello everyone. How have you been❔

I have great news. Our boss gave birth to her second child, and everyone is overjoyed with the new addition to her family. I have been spending a lot of time at the cafe in place of her, since Motoko needs to take care of her children, so I would like to introduce myself.

I lived in Darwin, Australia for a year, and returned to Japan three months ago. Darwin is located in the Northern Territory state of Australia. Many people ask why I didn’t stay in Sydney, Brisbane, or Cairns, the popular locations. But I stayed in Darwin, which is very local and was dangerous during that year. This story would be too long ,so I will tell it to you some other time. Today’s topic is “My perceptions of Australia and Darwin”. I am going to talk about the culture shock I had in Australia and Darwin.

1) Many crocodiles
In Darwin there were crocodiles, crocodiles, and more crocodiles. All around the sea and river. Darwin’s sea was ranked No. 7 most dangerous sea in the whole world, so we can’t surf in the sea and no one can swim in it, so people go to the pool near the sea instead. There are many crocodile feeding tours and crocodile museums.

2) The women don’t care too much about make up and skincare but they really cares about nail and eyelash extensions.
This might only happen in the country side, but I realized how awesome Japanese nail technology is. Australian nail technology is as simple as just putting on nail polish and shaping the nail but they don’t do nail arts .I was surprised that is costed about 40 dollars. ( about 3200 yen)

3) Expensive
Have you ever heard that everything is cheap in Australia? I had thought so until I went there. But I realized I was wrong. Actually, it is very expensive, especially rent. But why is everything in Australia so expensive? Because of the salary. The people in Australia receive a high salary even if they have a part time job. On average, the salary in Darwin was 22 dollars per hour. ( about 1600yen)
I want to keep talking about my perception of Australia. But I would like to share it more when you visit the cafe. I am looking forward to seeing you!

4) Many Aboriginal people
Aboriginal(Aborigine) means the people who lived in Australia a long time ago. But many aboriginals were killed and chased away by the pioneers and they moved to Darwin for safety. But let’s talk about the Aboriginals of today. They were very aggressive, and shouted at passerbyes. When I was at the bus station in Darwin, I saw an Aboriginal girl and a police officer arguing loudly. I watched casually, then the girl came to me and shouted “ what are you staring at!?”
Of course this is not every Aboriginal in Australia. This was just one situation I remember. Many of them were extremely friendly towards me.










4、アボリジニの人たちがとても多い                                                                                                             これはダーウィンに特化した話だと思います。アボリジニとは先住民という意味でもともとオーストラリア全土に住んでいました。しかし、植民地化により多くのアボリジニの方々は北へ北へと追いやられ、そしてダーウィンにたどり着いたといわれています。そしてダーウィンのアボリジナルの人たちの中には、ものすごい攻撃的な人もいて、大声で叫び、道行く人々を威嚇していました。私も以前あったのが、とあるショッピンングセンターのバス停にて警察官と15歳くらいの女の子が大声で喧嘩していました。何気なく見ているとそれに気づいた女の子が近づいて「何見てるんだ!?」と威嚇されたことがありました。これはあくまでも私が遭遇した一場面でほとんどのアボリジニの人たちはとてもフレンドリーでした。




【元旅行添乗員ふきこのブログ】Atomic bomb Memorial day





This summer is becoming hotter and hotter, while there is also increasing excitement for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Japan. Despite, the excitement for the Tokyo Olympics, there is a past we should never forget. It’s “Atomic bomb Memorial day” in Japan. Many people in Japan died on the 6th and 9th of August because of the atomic bomb.

During his term as president, Mr. Obama visited Hiroshima where these disasters took place. Out of all the places I‘ve visited in Japan, I frequently visit Nagasaki and Hiroshima. When I walk around museums, observing the monuments and listening to the stories of the victims impacted by the atomic bombs, I am overwhelmed by a deep feeling of sadness. One day, when I looked around the museum, I happened to turn around and see a group of students and something resonated in me at that time. It was complicated. I felt like I could see the future and the past, and what we, as a nation, have been burdened with. Don’t you think it’s terrifying that the bomb was supposed to dropped in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka?

But Japan was resilient and has begun working on the Tokyo Olympics. Japan is finally becoming more of a global country, I think it could be a great opportunity to get to know other countries and look back on the past and use our newfound knowledge to move forward. Go for it, Japan!






【元添乗員ふきこのブログ】My lovely cats and turtle

Hello, everyone. How do you survive in this sweltering summer?

I always lie down with my lovely cats on the floor in my home:)


Today’s topic is my pets. 

I have three cats and a turtle.


First, I’ll talk about my cat “Kuro (黒)”. He is a wuss, and he is spoiled, but very caring to his brothers.

Next is another cat “Shiro (白)”. He is chubby, but he is the smartest of them all, and a gentleman.

The third cat is named “Kin (金)”. He is a scottish-fold. He is young naughty and has too much pride, but he is affectionate and eager to learn.

Kuro and Shiro were adopted from foster, so they are genuine brothers, but Kin was bought from a pet shop.

Even though they are not real brothers they are so close, but sometimes they fight.


Lastly, my turtle. His name is “Kamegon(カメゴン)”.

He was found in a river by my brother 15 years ago. He is grown-up now and looks like a king.

I really love animals, especially cats. I subscribe to a magazine called “cats feeling (猫の気持ち) every month.

If you love animals or you have pets, please let me know at the cafe:) I`m always happy to talk with you, and some of our facilitators like animals, so you might want to talk about animals during cafe time.






























The end of the rainy season is finally here, and summer is coming soon too.

I guess you might already have some plans of where to go this summer, but I’d like to recommend to you this as an ex-tour guide.

The place is called ‘Takachiho-kyo’.

It’s getting hotter now but there is a lot of nature and many big and wide waterfalls.

So that will cool you down.


Also, `Takachiho’ is a famous spiritual power spot in Japan as told by Japanese mythology. According to the legend, Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun hid in a cave in Takachiho taking away the sun light with her.

With this information I believe you will enjoy your trip more!

Why don’t you go to ‘Takachiho-kyo’ to cool down and have fun?






【元添乗員ふきこのブログ】The start of Mt. Fuji-climing season.










Recently, there has been a lot of news due to extreme weather. However there is a lot of good news out there too.
I am talking about “The start of Mt. Fuji-climbing season” today.
The start of the Mt. Fuji-climbing season is the best time to climb Mt. Fuji, so many people visit during this period.
I used to be a tour -guide for school trips, so I had to climb,,,,,no, I was happy to climb the mountain many times.

I was always impressed by Mt Fuji, which shows many faces every time, and there are rest houses and good restaurants on the way. I once found a unique but good souvenir called “富士山に行ってきましたトイレットペーパー”(I visited Mt.Fuji-toilet paper)
This is only sold by the rest house in Mt.Fuji.
The mountain is drawn on the paper, and part of the paper has interesting trivia about Mt. Fuji. The papers quality is Okey:)
I used to really like this job which involved looking interesting foods and products.