Hello, everyone! It has been a long time. How have you been? I am so glad I got so much good feedback from everyone. Seeing and talking to everyone is one of my favorite things about working here.

By the way, recently it is getting a little colder and, with the cold, comes “Halloween”. Nowadays, Japanese Halloween is becoming well known around the world. In some amusement parks in Japan, “Halloween” season starts as soon as summer is over, and continues past October. I always think “oh my god why?” 🙁 Recently, the policemen called “DJ police” in Shibuya have become famous too. Do you know about the “DJ police”? You should search them on google!

So, why has “Halloween” become a famous event in Japan? There are many reasons, but the biggest reason, in my opinion, is because of “Tokyo Disney land”. They used to have a parade on the 31st of Octorber but now they celebrate for 2 months. When I was a tour conductor, I went to “Universal  Studios Japan” many times in this season. It was fun seeing people who dressed up as “Wally” (from “Where is Wally?” or in America “Where is Waldo”), Minions, and characters from “One Piece”.

I remembered that overseas many children dressed up like a witch, or another character, and say “Trick or treat?” to get some candies or snacks. But in Japan, rather than children, the adults dress up and wander streets in the city.

Last year, I was in Canervon in Australia. They sold some Hallloween snacks and goods around the Halloween season like in Japan, and they went to a tavern at night to have fun, dress up and drink. It looked like Japan.

Well, how about America? I asked Travis who is from America, and he said that there were kinds of 2 halloween styles in America. One of them is when children dress up and wander house to house to get snacks. On the other hand, young (or even older) adults dress up in costumes, usually sexy, and go to parties.

Our cafe is open on “Halloween” day. Perhaps you want to come and talk about Halloween. See you soon at the cafe!





ところで、私の記憶のハロウィンは海外で小さい子供たちが魔女などの格好をして「Trick or Treat!」と言ってお菓子をもらい歩く、そんなイメージでした。しかし、日本では子供がお菓子をもらい歩くというより、大人たちが仮装をして街中を歩きまわっています。



また、当カフェはハロウィンの日もオープンしておりますので、直接カフェにて世界のハロウィン事情を英語で学んでみるのも楽しそうですね♪ それでは、またカフェにてお待ちしております!