Hello everyone. How have you been❔

I have great news. Our boss gave birth to her second child, and everyone is overjoyed with the new addition to her family. I have been spending a lot of time at the cafe in place of her, since Motoko needs to take care of her children, so I would like to introduce myself.

I lived in Darwin, Australia for a year, and returned to Japan three months ago. Darwin is located in the Northern Territory state of Australia. Many people ask why I didn’t stay in Sydney, Brisbane, or Cairns, the popular locations. But I stayed in Darwin, which is very local and was dangerous during that year. This story would be too long ,so I will tell it to you some other time. Today’s topic is “My perceptions of Australia and Darwin”. I am going to talk about the culture shock I had in Australia and Darwin.

1) Many crocodiles
In Darwin there were crocodiles, crocodiles, and more crocodiles. All around the sea and river. Darwin’s sea was ranked No. 7 most dangerous sea in the whole world, so we can’t surf in the sea and no one can swim in it, so people go to the pool near the sea instead. There are many crocodile feeding tours and crocodile museums.

2) The women don’t care too much about make up and skincare but they really cares about nail and eyelash extensions.
This might only happen in the country side, but I realized how awesome Japanese nail technology is. Australian nail technology is as simple as just putting on nail polish and shaping the nail but they don’t do nail arts .I was surprised that is costed about 40 dollars. ( about 3200 yen)

3) Expensive
Have you ever heard that everything is cheap in Australia? I had thought so until I went there. But I realized I was wrong. Actually, it is very expensive, especially rent. But why is everything in Australia so expensive? Because of the salary. The people in Australia receive a high salary even if they have a part time job. On average, the salary in Darwin was 22 dollars per hour. ( about 1600yen)
I want to keep talking about my perception of Australia. But I would like to share it more when you visit the cafe. I am looking forward to seeing you!

4) Many Aboriginal people
Aboriginal(Aborigine) means the people who lived in Australia a long time ago. But many aboriginals were killed and chased away by the pioneers and they moved to Darwin for safety. But let’s talk about the Aboriginals of today. They were very aggressive, and shouted at passerbyes. When I was at the bus station in Darwin, I saw an Aboriginal girl and a police officer arguing loudly. I watched casually, then the girl came to me and shouted “ what are you staring at!?”
Of course this is not every Aboriginal in Australia. This was just one situation I remember. Many of them were extremely friendly towards me.










4、アボリジニの人たちがとても多い                                                                                                             これはダーウィンに特化した話だと思います。アボリジニとは先住民という意味でもともとオーストラリア全土に住んでいました。しかし、植民地化により多くのアボリジニの方々は北へ北へと追いやられ、そしてダーウィンにたどり着いたといわれています。そしてダーウィンのアボリジナルの人たちの中には、ものすごい攻撃的な人もいて、大声で叫び、道行く人々を威嚇していました。私も以前あったのが、とあるショッピンングセンターのバス停にて警察官と15歳くらいの女の子が大声で喧嘩していました。何気なく見ているとそれに気づいた女の子が近づいて「何見てるんだ!?」と威嚇されたことがありました。これはあくまでも私が遭遇した一場面でほとんどのアボリジニの人たちはとてもフレンドリーでした。